Friday, June 22, 2012

Yoga for back pain

The stress of everyday life, sedentary lifestyle and bad posture, can cause acute pain or chronic in different

parts of the back, being well known in the lower part of the same, more known as lumbago. These headaches can be easily relieved with the practice of certain yoga positions.

As in any practice of Yoga, a fundamental part of the same is correct breathing. If you regularly suffer from lumbago, before the practice of the recommended positions, it is very important that you learn to breathe correctly.

For the correct realization of the exercises of Yoga in the treatment of acute and chronic low back pain pain. Yoga exercises alleviate your back pain, to increase the elasticity of tissues, through bending, extensions and rotations of the spinal column.

However, remember that before beginning any physical exercises, including Yoga practice and enjoy its benefits, you should consult with your physician, evaluate your convenience, in your case in particular.

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