Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mothers Yoga

Since women are definitely more emotional, emotional tension and stress has a profound impact on their own health. Often it was confirmed many times through studies and research that emotional stress can cause a variety of diseases or physical weakness in general. This is the reason why the ladies find yoga is an excellent solution to these health problems.

I'm not a master of yoga. I have only attended a few 3 yoga classes although my gym offers yoga classes. So, why I am writing about Yoga when I don't know anything about? I'm curious - that is my nature. And through the years, this curiosity has helped me to develop a career as a designer freelance graphic and writer. And it is through a very rare type of Yoga (my own type, or what I thought it was Yoga at that point in time) that helped me to swim to the coast when I was hesitating between drown in the sea of depression after giving birth to my children.

On both occasions, I was beaten severely and continually directs to the solution bottle. The bottle will never be a solution and, however, hoped that it would be.

Yoga and the soon-to-be mother-
There is all this hype about Yoga that I had just not understand before - what is all this clamor about Yoga for pregnancy? What is the problem? You have a big belly, vomit half the time, they have a sudden taste for pickle and he has to wear the clothes of her husband... need Yoga to help you deal with all that?

But, of course, only began understanding the benefits of yoga as a mother when I started to go to classes, read about them in books, magazines and international web sites. This amazing method can help mothers regain his physical strength and sends them on a journey of self-discovery and improvement. Instead of helping deal with others, in Yoga, everything starts from within. Therefore, to solve a problem, you have to enter.

And in the interior of the mother, it is always a battle field... and is tumultuous half the time. Pizza pizza or not? Sex or no sex tonight? What kind of mother I will be? Do twisted me the fingers of my own daughter when I try to put his / her clothes? With the kind of thinking strange (and hormones) going on inside our mind and our body, mothers usually have a difficulty to find peace. Your doctor will tell you over and over again that, although nutrition is important, the pursuit of peace, tranquility and calm in yourself and in your life is only important for a pregnant woman.

Yoga for the normal mother
Taking into account the fact that yoga can help to bring calm in evil, obviously a good choice so you can try Yoga if you are thinking of starting an exercise program. Better still, join a gym... that is what I did. I used to make fun of people who join gyms because judging by the loud dance music, I remember that I thought to myself... "Uff... gym is only an pena excuse for a nightclub. Instead of serving peanuts, they serve mixed fruit. Instead of alcohol, bottled water they serve. But everyone is trying to enter into a social thing in the gym. It is a social club! "

And as a mother, I don't have the time to join a social club.

But I was wrong. As soon as he gave me the test of 10 days of free classes, I was hooked. Without makeup, without dressup (oh, the youngest attendees of gyms still dress in tip blank and gym mask applied) and simulation does not. I go to the gym and attend Yoga class for sweat - to finish on top of ugly looking, but feeling very good!

Mothers can open their minds and release their hearts after Yoga
Yoga has this calming effect in people who can hardly be explained with words. It has to be felt. It is as if you were hitting these poses, stretching the muscles and making the impossible... and all this while, your mind opens and all impure thoughts are flying abroad.

Yoga can be like "take out the trash".

And this can be good for the whole family, especially the children, also. After a continuous yoga session, you will feel renewed. Even a Crabby, sleeping mother, tired and beaten outside you will have more energy to spend time with the children. Instead of feeling disgusted and trapped, the mother can use Yoga to really find an opening, a version that helps to relax, not just body, but the mind too.

I do not know about you... but I'm going for more classes because I have seen the benefits. Yoga can do much for the ordinary unmarried people kidless... imagine what can be done to a mother.

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