Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yoga for Allergies

Yoga can make a world of difference in controlling your allergies. Try Yoga today to reduce your respiratory allergies.

All types of allergies are due to a liver lethargic and then derived from the left side.
Because the child has an allergy? What we see in the chakra is blocked if someone has allergies.

It will block the Nabhi left, if that is the mother of the child because the child is not married (otherwise the relationship with his wife, or husband ndt). This means that the mother should have a block to the Left-chakra Nabhi herself and that is why the child must be suffering from allergies.

So instead of punishing the child, why not treat Nabhi left the mother and the child? Now what can you do if there is a blockage in the left Nabhi child? What you can do to help the child get rid of it? Quite simply everything that is on the left side can be removed with a flame (see Treatment with the candle), you can put your right hand on left Nabhi child and place your left hand into the flame and finished.

Why cow's milk allergy and eczema worse?
Cow's milk. The left side. The cow takes you on the left side, she is the mother. And you should not take cow's milk because it is the left side. Whether it's milk cow or buffalo milk, give all allergies, but if you have smaller animal, as in the case of Mahatma Gandhi, you can drink goat's milk and will not have this problem.

For eczema, treatment is the same, as is an allergy. In the case of eczema, as it is outside, you can use things like neemkepata or something (the neem is a natural product that has antiseptic function ndt) to put on.

The fungus is one of the worst things, is the same thing, I must say, coming from the left side again, is an attack on the left side. And you have to put the photo on the left side of truth and the right hand to the area affected by the fungus. You can shake it off in that way. But do not eat cheese and cheese with mold should not eat it all! The Sahaja yogis should not eat any moldy cheese, the blue (like gorgonzola). All foods with mold should be avoided if possible and even mushrooms.

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