Friday, June 22, 2012

Yoga Classes Tips

If you've never taken yoga classes and you think impossible to perform the different postures practiced, do not worry, until the most faithful follower of this discipline he had to make various efforts to enjoy the benefits. For this reason, Salud180 gives you 10 tips that you prepare for your first session:

 Buy your yoga mat: most of the places where this discipline is practice provide mats; However, is not others purchase yours, so you relax to your liking.

 Guard silence: when you enter the room where you practice yoga avoids performing any type of noise, since people will be meditating. The indications of the master always waits to start the session.

 Is wearing comfortable clothes: is it important that your outfit is comfortable, elastic, so you make the different yoga postures without problem. Remember that this discipline is carried out without shoes.

 Use Accessories: items such as blocks, straps and blankets you help to improve the asanas.

 The edge of OM: do not be surprised that yoga classes begin with this well-known mantra. Just close your eyes and listen.

 Learn to breathe: the instructors teach the correct way of breathing or pranayama, which generates heat that helps relax the body.

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