Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yoga advice for students

The yoga room is a place where we practice with joy and seriousness.

Before class, wash your feet and wear appropriate clothing.

The stomach must be empty, wait four hours after a meal and two hours after a light meal.

Do not practice with the practice orologio.Durante jewelry and do not hold your breath, keep breathing normally.

Keep your eyes, ears, throat, and the 'belly relaxed.

The practice of postures reveals pain and weakness of the body, do not worry!

Whatever pain arises is temporary, if persistent signal of a malpractice.

In the case of health problems informed the 'teacher before the' beginning of the lesson.

During the cycle it is necessary to follow a specific practice.

Media used with care and attention and rearranged everything to the end of the lesson.

Take care of your belongings left in the locker room by observing the things of others.

Be quiet and move with awareness.

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