Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prenatal kundalini yoga and meditation for mothers to be

How well do yoga during prenatal care is now common knowledge, meditation, however, that may or may not be combined with asana for expectant mothers, is feasible even by women who, for various reasons are unfortunately forced to stay in bed during pregnancy .
This is to make small, simple gestures that can make a difference, to make a gift to herself and the baby.

First of all mobile phones are disconnected, turned off the TV and loved the machine. The only thing is to turn on the stereo, a CD of music ad hoc is a must: Mozart, Brahms and Debussy's Clair de lune wonderful. This magic also to calm the infant in the throes of colic or hysteria (tested by the editor of two boys refractory to sleep!).

Wear comfortable clothes that do not compel, natural fabrics like cotton and linen and recommended light colors (white, really opens the mind, not only the spaces).
Now, lying or sitting in the lotus position (the classic cross-legged without forcing the opening as a lesson in hatha yoga) started to feel your breath and make sure it becomes steady (the editor today in the mood for tips, know that breathing in the delivery room is not important, more!). Once you hear the inhalations and exhalations become regular, started to relax every muscle, starting from the feet and going up to the jaw. Do not forget any muscle, especially going up towards the shoulders and back ...

In this state of total relaxation is very common that the child is heard from the belly. And you reply, increasing his sense of being loved and accepted in their time of need. Sweet little touches with the tip of your fingers, while the display is protected by a sphere, the element water and the serenity that is surrounding you too.

Finally, you yawn strong stretching like cats and go active or at rest ..! But I assure you, you will feel particularly light reading in the soul.

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